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  This site has been running since August 2005. Historical data is available in summary and graphical form by following the links at Weather Latest. While every effort is made to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the data recorded, the logger runs unattended and the data are uploaded to this website automatically. Hence, I cannot guarantee the reliability of an data published on this site.  

Recent Updates

06 Jan 2007



13 Jan 2007


14 Jan 2007


11 Feb 2007

During January and February 2007 several upgrades are taking place

A Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station was installed. The data published on this site is now recorded using the new weather station. The old LaCrosse 2300 is sill installed and recording data. A static summary ( updated every 5 minutes ) is available LaCrosse Report

A new pole was installed to mount the anemometers for both weather stations 35ft (11m) above ground level and at least 6ft clear of surrounding roof ridges. This has dramatically improved the quality of wind data - both direction and speed.

The logging and publishing software Weather Display has been upgraded from version 10.32u to 10.36z. Several known bugs have been fixed.

Solar and UV Sensors added - now Vantage Pro2 plus specification

Weather Display Live updated from version 4.05 to 5.01 configuration changed to Solar and UV instruments

New Version includes direct link to Meso-Map, better graphing, simpler units interface



Coming Soon

work in progress

Improved clearer layout of Latest Weather page. A Blackberry friendly

page will be addedWeb cam to be added

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